Kirk Christ

There is a growing and vibrant community of worshippers at Kirk Christ. It continues to serve the people of Rushen Parish as it has done for countless generations. It is particularly noted by local people for its peace and serenity. It is significant for many people as they have been either baptised or married (or both) at the church.







Sunday Services



Our Sunday services are Common Worship and begin at 9.30am and these are


1st Sunday Morning Prayer

2nd Sunday Holy Communion

3rd Sunday Morning Prayer

4th Sunday Joint Service

5th Sunday Holy Communion


After each service there is fellowship (over a cup of coffee) at the back of church



Interior of KC


Kirk Christ Church OrganClick image to the left for information about Kirk Christ's organ [taken from a new book: Churches of Mann: Isle of Man Churches, Chapels and Keeills, published by Lily Publication, which includes a CD of the main church organs on the Island (featuring local organist Gareth Moore), and is available via the Culture Vannin Site]



Picture of re-roofing of KC The Parish Church, widely known as Kirk Christ, is actually dedicated to the Holy Trinity as indicated by a tablet above the main door that reads:

Dedicated to the Holy Trinity
Rushen Church, 1775.


There has been a church on the site since at least the 13th century, but in 1773 the church was described as tottering and ruinous, and so the building underwent extensive rebuilding with a new roof put on.


The roof was later replaced in 1935 and practically everyone engaged upon the re-roofing had been baptised in the church, and they took great pride in their work.

Cover Page of short history of Rushen Parish Church by Charles Leece Clicking on the image to the left will give access to a short paper on the history of Kirk Christ, Rushen written by Rev. Charles Leece, which was presented at the Church of England Men's Society in March 1911.  Courtesy of the Manx Museum.  (Re-typed to reduce filesize).
Cover Page of history of Kirk Christ Church
Clicking on the image to the left will give access to a detailed history of Rushen Parish written by Rev. John Duffield in 1935.
Cover Page of short history of Rushen Parish Church Clicking on the image to the left will give access to A Short History of Rushen Parish Church written by Mr J R Bruce in 1975.

Further history on the Parish of Rushen can be found in 'A history of the Manx Church 1698-1911' written by Canon John Gelling; a vicar of this parish from 1964 to 1977.


Vicars of Rushen

2011 – current Joe Heaton
2004 – 2010 Norma Cole
1982 – 2003 Hinton Bird
1977 – 1982 Donald Andrew
1964 – 1977 John Gelling
1959 – 1964 William Squire
1948 – 1959 Gilbert Gresswell
1938 – 1948 William Farrer
1932 - 1938 John Duffield
1927 - 1932 Albert Ridings
1897 - 1927 Charles Leece
1893 - 1897 Thomas Kneale
1887 - 1893 Blundell Browne
1885 - 1887 Charles Dawes
1881 - 1885 Frederick Tracey
1879 - 1881 Arthur Allwork
1872 - 1879 Edward Kissack
1859 - 1871 Hugh Stowell Gill
1824 - 1859 William Corrin
1816 - 1824 Joseph Qualtrough
1782 - 1816 John Clague
1748 - 1782 Nicholas Christian
- Crebbin
1729 - 1739 John Quayle
1713 - 1727 Thomas Christian
1703 - 1713 Matthias Curghey
1691 - 1700 John Parr
1680 Richard Thompson
1660 John Thompson
1638 John Keig
1606 John Corkill
1594 William Watterson
1588 Daniel Gell
1582 Alexander Stevenson
1574 James Smyth
1400 William