St Peter's Church

St. Peter’s St Peter's externalChurch is located at the heart of the village of Cregneish and is attended by a faithful congregation. The name of the village is often spelt Cregneash on many road signs, and there is even a much older spelling of Craigneash appearing on gravestones at Rushen Churchyard. From the church there are stunning views of the Calf of Man. The Church is open daily during the Summer months so that visitors to Cregneish can appreciate the beauty and stillness of the church.

In 2015, the church was closed for six months whilst extensive renovation was carried out to the whole of the church.


Sunday Services


Our afternoon service begins at 3.15pm each Sunday. The services are traditional in nature (taken from the Book of Common Prayer) and are as follows:

1st Sunday Evening Prayer

2nd Sunday Evening Prayer

3rd Sunday Holy Communion

4th Sunday Joint Service at Parish Church

5th Sunday Evening Prayer

Tea and biscuits are served after each service and visitors are always warmly welcomed.



The Rev. William Corrin (the Vicar from 1824 to 1859) started church services in a local farmhouse at Cregneish and these continued until the villagers felt that they would like a church of their own. The foundation stone was laid by Mrs EM Gawne in 1878 (who also donated the land). A later vicar, the Rev. John Duffield in his book A History of Kirk Christ Rushen, was to record that ‘the building cost £150 which seems an absurdly small amount until we realise that to the building, “the people of Cregneish gave their time and labour”.

During its early years the building served a dual purpose of being the local village school during the week, and holding Church services on a Sunday.

In more recent years, the church was used in the filming of the 1998 hit comedy ‘Waking Ned’.