Home Groups

What are Home Groups ?

Home group imageHome Groups are formed of church members and their friends who wish to come together to study God's word and to grow in understanding of being disciples of Jesus.  They bring learning, laughter, challenge, celebration, prayer and support as they meet together.


Groups meet in church member's homes and are open to all.  Their aim is to be warm, loving and un-pressured fellowships where everyone has the opportunity to ask questions, suggest response and share their thoughts based on their own experiences, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.


Each Home Group is unique and has its own identity and ways of doing things - no two groups are the same !

What are Home Groups for ?

Groups normally meet weekly with the aim of growing:

  • by nurture:
allowing God to change lives through Bible study, empowering each of us to identify and use our God-given gifts for the benefit of church and world
  • by prayer  and worship:

praising and honouring God together and responding to his love with thankfulness

  • in community:

building the body of Christ through shared commitment, intercession and fellowship.

  • by mission:

learning how to share the good news of Christ's love with others and working together to extend God's kingdom in the Parish of Rushen and beyond























Where are they to be found ?

Day /Time



Monday Morning at 10am

10 Chapel Court,
Gellings Avenue,
Port St Mary

Margaret Couper (836185)

Monday Evening at 7.30pm

12 Milner Close,
Port Erin

Janet Morley (836724)

Tuesday Morning at 10am (fortnightly)

15 Close Cam,
Port Erin

Doreen Longton (832967)

Tuesday Evening at 7pm

3 Snaefell House,
The Promenade,
Port Erin

John & Mary Gulland

Thursday Afternoon at 2.30pm

1 St George's  Apartments,
Port Erin

Brian & Kathleen Trustum





















Looking to join a Home Group ?

For more information on the Home Groups, or if you would to talk to someone about joining a group, please contact Rev. John Gulland by email or by telephone (834548).

If you are going to a group for the first time, it is suggested that you phone up beforehand as some groups change their venue from time to time.